A Truly Unique Paintball Experience

Battlebridge Paintball truly is a unique Paintball experience. We provide a gaming experience that no other facility can match. Our army & outdoor adventure experience enables us to create & maintain GameZones with a military authenticity that is second to none. New to our GameZone is a purpose built  ‘Working French Village’ complete with cemetery, mine and Train Station.

53 comments to A Truly Unique Paintball Experience

  • gerry

    Thanks to Glenn and the marshals at Battlebridge. Had a great day. Would definitely recommend it,great craic. The bbq in the pub next door was a great option. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks again

  • Do you have a woods land area if not i know you have a village but is it big and do the houses have an upstairs if you could tell me the info on the arena because in having a party and there’s a few going so.. If you could send a few pics of the arena if its not a bother just to see what it looks like inside thanks btw it looks great from what you can see!:D

  • great idea for stag parties in Ireland! Paintballing is one of my personal favourites and popular for hen and stag parties in Ireland. Although I have to say when I did paintballing before it hurt like hell!!

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