A Truly Unique Paintball Experience

Battlebridge Paintball truly is a unique Paintball experience. We provide a gaming experience that no other facility can match. Our army & outdoor adventure experience enables us to create & maintain GameZones with a military authenticity that is second to none. New to our GameZone is a purpose built  ‘Working French Village’ complete with cemetery, mine and Train Station.

7 comments to A Truly Unique Paintball Experience

  • John Hourigan

    Thanks to Glen, Charlie and the other Marshals for A fantastic day out , It’s as close to the real thing as your going to get ! A great day was had by all . For the record Silver 3-Black 1. We nearly got the whitewash !

  • Aissa Flannery

    Had a gerat time at Battle Bridge Paintball, will highly recommend it and will be going back. great facilities and great people working there.

  • damien

    first time down there 2 weeks ago one of the better paintball facilities i have been too.the smoke bombs & paintball landmines really add to the experence.the marshals were very friendly and extreamly helpfull esp when one of my mates got shot right in the nads “ouch” talk about man down .they couldnt do enough to help the poor man out.we’ll be going again for sure this side of xmas.
    so final word for a new paint ball place these guys have it nailed..check it out…………..

  • Kevin Conlisk

    Cheers to Glen and the rest of the Marshals for an Epic day out! Great facilities and very entertaining games even in the wet conditions.

    A nice surprise for the organiser of your group at the end too! Don’t forget to buy a hoodie as well!

  • Rob

    Thanks Glen, we were down March 2010 on a stag, It was class, We have been to most of the paintball places in Ireland and Battleridge is far and ahead the best. The games are weel set up and are realistic as opposed to just runing through the woods using paint… The Marchal team were sound and we had great craic…

    We will be going back…

    Thanks Lads


  • T.J. Wallace

    Excellent facilities, best staff I’ve seen in a long while, very nicely organised, and they know how to have a bit of craic !
    Will definitely be coming back ! And will be looking into that league boys!

    But other than that highly highly recommended.

  • Regina

    Just back from a great morning out Paintballing, great spot, will be recommending it and looking forward to our next battle already! The marshalls were great and took their punishment well :o )

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