The Sligo Lads Add Colour To Battlebridge!

The Sligo lads looking good! Glad you had a good experience & we look forward to having you back. Click on images thumbnails below to view…

20 comments to The Sligo Lads Add Colour To Battlebridge!

  • Trevor Gallagher

    Hi -

    Just writing to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience paintballing in battlebridge (we were the early morning Saturday crew)

    It goes without saying I will be recommending the Battlebridge experience to all my friends and associates.

    Trevor Gallagher

  • Martin Murray

    Jesus i never thought it was possible to have so much joyful adrenaline , fear and fun while been shot at by 10 ppl with guns, you,ve heard it hear!!!YES IT IS!!!!Battlebridge gets 10 out of 10!!!Very realistic game set up!!!

  • Shannen Dunleavy

    Just Wanna let you know how much we enjoyed our experience paintballing(i was with the Sunday “morning” group on august 29th)It was Savage!! Will deffinatly come again sometime soon! It was soooo much fun, i thought it would hurt but it doesnt.
    From the girl who shot her brother right between the eyes in the village!

  • Shannen Dunleavy

    Just wanna let you know how much fun paintballing in battlebridge was(we were the Sunday 29th August “morning” group) we all had great fun!! didnt hurt as much as i thought it would! We’ll deffo go back sometime soon!
    Battlebridge gets 10/10, Very good game set up!!!
    From the Girl who shot her brother right between the eyes in the graveyard/village!

  • Hi folks,
    talk about an experiance that made the weekend, great crack , well priced and excellent courses ,
    well worth a visit,

    Cheers guys

  • mike kelly

    great craic 4 everyone young lads ould lads;magic day defo b back.thanks lads

  • Lorraine :)

    Awhh maann wat Ledgends such a bit a crack serious wayy 2 end off the christmass holidayss :) will defo be back agagin ;) from d 2 Lorrainess ;) (Larry) :L

  • Mark Bishop

    Glen, Donnacha and the rest of the Battlebridge Paintball crew, a huge massive thanks to you guys for an unbelievable afternoon of fun. Your setup and equipment is second to none and all your staff were brilliant and easy going. We couldn’t fault you in any way and everyone had such a brilliant time. I shall recommend Battlebridge Paintball to everyone I talk to, no better team building experience for a group of lads! Bishstag 2012

  • reece

    class crack definately i will come back

  • Adam Simon

    Went paintballing on saturday unbeliveable i never thought i cud hav so much fun by getting shot at 8)

  • Kelvin Morris

    thanks glen for reducing the age limit to 12.Had great crack and will be definitely coming back soon and thanks to Jeff and Johnny for helping us out with everything B)

  • Mark Sutcliffe

    Brilliant day, great facillities, a fun and friendly way to paintball!!!

  • Greg Doherty

    class crack definetly recomend it to people looking to have fun

  • Chris Jeffrey

    Just wanted to say thanks to glen and his crew.
    Great site, and such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
    was there with my 12 yr old soon and we had a brilliant day, he’s hooked already.
    We will def be back soon.

  • adrian hynes

    hi i just wanted to say tanx to glen and his crew for there brillent work with us at paintballing.Me and my friends had a great time there and i would reccomend it to anyone to definietly go there.It is a great place and a big place lots of faciliets and its juust great.We will definietly be going there next year.

  • Ronan.F

    I’ve gone twice both great craic would go again :)

  • Tom Byrne

    I accompanied a group of Transition Year students from St. Gerald’s College for a day trip to Battlebridge Paintball. The facilities were top class and the students really enjoyed their day. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. I would recommend Battlebridge Paintball to any group looking for a fun day out.

  • s.c

    Enjoyed our afternoon at Battlebridge on Saturday. Good unclean fun. The man of the moment was proudly displaying his welts after his “stag run” at the end. Thanks lads.

  • David

    How many people do you need to go paint balling with?

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